The following items provide a complete description of the Nial language and its builtin functions/operators. To view Nial docs inside the interactive shell nial -i, you can type library "teach for an interactive language reference.

Learning Nial

Full Documentation

The Full documentation for Nial Code is available in the Nial Dictionary, An indexed collection of operations, transformers, concepts etc for Nial that complements the formal language definition.

This is also available as a Standalone Web Page, which you can save to a place of your choice.

More on Nial

Nial Libraries

Some Nial libraries are available for use at the niallang/Nial_Libraries repository. It contains libraries for:

  • Tk Integration (GUI)
  • Sound Library (filters, lines, phasers, etc)
  • Unicode

as of now. The docs for each of these consists of the READMEs bundled with them, and the comments present in the code.